frankie issue 51

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Issue 51 kicks off with an interview with Molly freakin' Ringwald! Huzzah! And ends on an interview with Twiggy! Double huzzah! Yes, it's a Molly-Twiggy magazine sandwich, and of course we haven't stinted on the fillings.

Inside you'll find: professional mermaids, fabric made from milk, a brief and slightly disturbing history of baking, sassy new shoes, stories from a midwife in Sierra Leone, wine pairing for cheap eats (pinot noir with beans on toast, anyone?) and the gentle art of getting lost.

Plus there's a bit of a bumper craft spectacular – featuring six cheap and easy DIY pressie ideas – a small amount of philosophising and loads of awesome science geeks.

Not to forget chats with Santigold, Sigur Ros, Antony & the Johnsons, Dirty Projectors, Animal Collective and some blokes who make waffles for a living (hands up who wants their jobs).

In short, loads of frankie goodness to gorge on over the hols. We hope you find it delicious.



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