About Us


Back when it all began, frankie magazine founders publisher Louise Bannister and creative director Lara Burke could think of nothing better than spending their days op-shopping and drinking cups of tea. (They still can't – some things never change.)

One day they put together a plan to start a magazine. They were uninspired with what was being offered on newsagency shelves and felt nothing could relate to them. Both firm friends with similar tastes, they wanted a magazine that spoke directly to the reader, contained great affordable fashion, sweet art, interesting reads, real people and pretty photography. With the support and encouragement of youth lifestyle publishing house Morrison Media, their dream became a reality.

A few years later, Louise decided to go off overseas on a big adventure, so the duo called up their friend Jo Walker to take over as editor and assist in tea-making duties. Then, when Louise returned from her jaunt abroad and settled in to work as associate publisher, the three ladies set about welcoming a whole load of lovely people to fill out the frankie family tree and help bring their little mag to the world.

Now frankie press has been established as an imprint of Morrison Media, team frankie's activities go beyond their namesake magazine and take in cookbooks like Afternoon Tea and Sweet Treats, the interiors 'mook' Spaces, annual diaries and calendars and their newest venture Smith Journal, a men's publication for the discerning gent about town. They still dig vintage and a nice cuppa, though.